Patrick Blanchard

Experiential Graphic Design

A curated collection of my work that focuses on environments, experiences, spatial relationships, color and typography. Projects were completed from 2016 - 2017 and come from either my ungraduate studies or my time with Studio 07, NBBJ’s experience design studio in Seattle, WA.

1. KU Design Week [EGD]
2. The Spheres – NBBJ [EGD]
3. Kansas City Airport [EGD]
4. Kiosk 54 [Layout]
5. In Another Room [Scenic]
6. Light Up the Bloch [EGD]

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KU Design Week

A series of events at the University of Kansas, for which we created a complete identity and applied it to tackable surfaces on campus. Each poster was installed by hand and students were encouraged to remove them over the course of the week.

Lead Design

Patrick Blanchard
Triana Thompson
Lucas Nelson

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The Spheres

Brand identity, wayfinding, code compliant signage and environmental graphics created for Amazon’s new Spheres, opening Summer 2018 in downtown Seattle.


Created while at NBBJ.


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Kansas City Airport

Conceptual rebrand for KCI, focusing on bringing the beauty and simplicty of the surrounding argricultural landscape to the inside of a space that currently feels heavy and constricting.

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Kiosk 54

Kiosk is an award-winning design publication at the University of Kansas, featuring the best student art and literature. One of the submissions was a libretto which we used as the underlying organizational structure for the magazine.

Art Direction


Patrick Blanchard
Triana Thompson

Megan Snelten
Mary Sniezek
Allie Welch

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In Another Room

A spooky, immersive theatre experience that involved audiences of three people exploring the upper apartments in a purpordedly haunted house.

Written & Produced by

Directed by

Art Direction

Aaron Keeling
Austin Keeling
Natalie Jones

Aaron Keeling
Austin Keeling

Patrick Blanchard

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Light up the Bloch

A multisensory, interactive installation concept for KC’s Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. Visitors gesture in front of a responsive, indoor wall projection that is linked to a series of large-scale, outdoor projections on the building facade.

Patrick Blanchard is a visual designer and artist from Kansas, currently living and working in LA. He is interested in creating experiences that involve color, material, space and typography. 785 . 764 . 1435


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