Meditation 1

Creating a site-specific, light and sound installation that makes use of artificial materials and invisible forces


  Kansas Memorial Union Gallery ― Spring 2016


On a busy campus around finals week, my collaborator Triana Thompson and I set out to transform this gallery space into an immersive experience that gave students an opportunity to relax. The gentle motion of the piece reflects light and bounces it around the room, much like radiation when viewed through a telescope or the surface of a pool in a bright room. A soundtrack accompanied the work, furthering the meditative quality of the sculpture and helping viewers focus their attention.


Our final piece uses thin strips of mylar suspended in a single corner of the gallery. A projector is positioned across the room and bathes the mylar in white light, which is then reflected throughout the space.

While we were first getting a feel for the room, Triana and I noticed the draft of the building's AC and recognized the unique opportunity the air currents presented. The mylar is light enough to be blown about by the breeze and, thanks to the projection, brings the motion and movement of the air to attention. In this way, artificial materials and invisible forces come together to create a meditative environment that gives viewers the chance to relax and transcend their current state of existence.

detail abstract bigdetail abstract big

One of the original sketches we submitted detailed a room full of hanging sequin strands, lit by two projectors. This concept was created to explore the way Triana and I work together, combining our strengths and different perspectives to find a solution that's effective across a variety of scales. However, our materials explorations proved this concept would take too long to execute and we had to rethink our approach. We stuck with the reflective materials and projection but focused our efforts on one sculptural element instead of modular units.

process blue reflectionprocess blue reflection
process rainbow trianaprocess rainbow triana

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Patrick Blanchard is a recent graduate with a BFA in Design, currently living in Lawrence, Kansas, and interning with HOK's Kansas City-based experiential graphics team. He is now seeking other full-time opportunities across the country.