Kansas City Int'l Airport

Bringing the surrounding environment into a visual system that  gives new life to an old space



Kansas City International Airport has been outdated since the first day it opened, mainly due to costly security installation. Because airport operators have bigger priorities, KCI's visual identity has grown stale and lacks a conceptual link to its surroundings. How can a graphic refresh breathe new excitement into a space and improve the experiences of those who travel through it?


The new identity pulls inspiration from field irrigation patterns of the airport's surrounding landscape when viewed from the window of an airplane. Passengers fly over beautiful fields when traveling to KCI, and now, those patterns inform the visuals occuring within the built environment.

Signage is designed to flex and adapt to fit spaces of any size or shape. While container elements and color change in each specific instance of signage, the placement of information stays consistent to establish trust within the overall system.

logo test-06logo test-06
fountain wall test 02fountain wall test 02
Long Hallway Test 01Long Hallway Test 01
directory mock up 2directory mock up 2
triana modeltriana model
logo sketcheslogo sketches

BFA Portfolio


Patrick Blanchard is a recent graduate with a BFA in Design, currently living in Lawrence, Kansas, and interning with HOK's Kansas City-based experiential graphics team. He is now seeking other full-time opportunities across the country.