Jupiter Farms

Telling the story of a small-town jam & jelly company through packaging as unique as their history



★   Selected Entry ― DSVC National Student Show, 2016


Jupiter Farms is a family-owned jam and jelly company located in Wamego, Kansas. To help set themselves apart from their local competitors, the owners crafted a brand story that tells of a night mysterious jelly rocks came crashing into their fields, many years ago. These jelly rocks contain unique blends of organic, all-natural ingredients.


A faceted, oblong shape gives the jelly a form that stands out from traditional jelly jars. Angles and corners reference mysterious asteroids, while clear facets allow customers to view the product they're purchasing. Otherworldy illustrations give the brand a personable feel and make it more accessible to children. Pearlized paper gives the overall package a gentle glimmer. A resealable, foil top provides a closing solution that's simple and easy-to-use.

starberry with fruitstarberry with fruit
neptune with fruitneptune with fruit
drawings on test modelsdrawings on test models

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Patrick Blanchard is a recent graduate with a BFA in Design, currently living in Lawrence, Kansas, and interning with HOK's Kansas City-based experiential graphics team. He is now seeking other full-time opportunities across the country.