Bloom's Taxonomies & AIGA Competencies Infographic

Visualizing my own three years of design education
in a multi-layered, interactive poster



A multi-layered infographic that documents and reflects upon each project I completed in three years of design education. Each project is arranged chronologically and displays both the Bloom's Taxonomies and AIGA Competencies the projects helped me grasp. In addition, the infographic shows how clear of a concept I envisioned when beginning the design execution phase: blurrier graphs represent projects that required more exploration and experimentation while crisp graphs show projects that saw a straightforward refinement process.


Three layers of vellum give the poster depth and a sense of materiality while creating an opportunity to show varying levels of conceptual clarity. Printing on the deepest layer results in the highest level of blur, while printing on the top level gives information that's clear and easy-to-digest.

Thin, circular graphs, divided into concentric rings and adjacent pie slices, visualize both the Taxonomies and Competencies at the same time. A timeline helps organize projects based on their date of completion and gives the reader the chance to track my development as I worked through my courses.

layered poster with blur png2layered poster with blur png2

BFA Portfolio


Patrick Blanchard is a recent graduate with a BFA in Design, currently living in Lawrence, Kansas, and interning with HOK's Kansas City-based experiential graphics team. He is now seeking other full-time opportunities across the country.