Sign: Pisces
Color: Grey or Pink
Food: Meatball Pizza
Instruments: Synth
Video Game: LoL
Pets: Catrick

Greetings, earthling!

I'm Patrick Blanchard, a recent design graduate from Kansas. By day, I'm your average, everyday, girl-next-door, but by night you can find me in my lair concocting crispy type lock-ups and dreamy color combos.

Always up for a good challenge, I get goosebumps working on projects that push me to defy the limitations of Mother Earth. Soon, I hope to reach my bumpiest by joining a team that blends design disciplines to create experiences that challenge our perception of space, interaction and reality.

Right now, I'm working with HOK's Kansas City-based experiential graphic design team while seeking other full-time opportunities across the galaxy.

In no particular order, I hope to soon gain more knowledge in: window displays, installation art, urban interventions, guerilla art, mobile development, HTML, CSS, Ruby on Rails, balloon art, exhibition design, stagecraft, lighting design, street magic, poetry, jazz theory, 3D modeling, generative art, web app development, wayfinding, performance art, oil painting, Ableton Live + Launchpad, graffiti, multimedia, video game design, figure drawing, public art proposals & more.

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BFA in Design
The University of Kansas


2015 ⎯ Present

Design Intern
Kansas City, MO

Assist with wayfinding, experiential design, signage plans and schedules, environmental graphics, detailing, presentations for clients, project documentation, marketing materials, award entries, website design and project concepting.

Marketing Intern
Scott Rice
Kansas City, MO

Created and organized material for client presentation. Designed internal and external marketing pieces. Gathered and wrote blog material. Helped illustrate film graphic for client. Assisted in beginning stages of Scott Rice identity redesign.

Teaching Assistant
University of Kansas
Lawrence, KS

Helped lead classroom critique. Designed and delivered lecture slides and walkthroughs of Adobe software. Oversaw and helped students with completion of design projects, giving advice and guidance as necessary.

2013 ⎯ 2015

Lead Print Clerk
Jayhawk Ink
Lawrence, KS

Prepared various print materials including saddle stitch booklets, perfect binds, mounting and large format. Offered design and file preparation assistance. Organized internal materials and processes. Helped oversee print shop and upkeep of technology.





★  Global Design Honor Award ― SEGD
  Published in Communication Arts (Upcoming Issue)
  Published in eg Magazine (Upcoming Issue)
★  AIGA KC A12 Award Winner ― AIGA Kansas City
★  Best in Show ― DSVC National Student Show
★  Senior Portfolio Finalist ― DSVC National Student Show
★  Best Group Project ― DSVC National Student Show
★  Best Interaction ― DSVC National Student Show
★  Best Environment ― DSVC National Student Show
★  Best Mobile App ― DSVC National Student Show
☆  Selected Entry ― DSVC National Student Show
☆  Selected Entry (x2) ― AIGA Blue Ridge
▽  Featured Project ― Behance Student Showcase
▽  Featured Project ― Behance Graphic Design Gallery
◉  Kansas Memorial Union Gallery

★  Best Group Project ― DSVC National Student Show
◉  KU Visual Communication Scholarship Show

★  Best Group Project ― DSVC National Student Show
  Featured Project ― Behance Homepage Curated Gallery
  Featured Project ― Behance Wacom Curated Gallery
 KU Visual Communication Scholarship Show
 #NOFILTER iPhone Photography Show
 KU LibArt Program (Anschutz Library)










SEGD Conference Academic Summit ― Speaker
Kiosk 54 ― Art Director
KU Design Week 2016 ― Lead Designer
KU Senior Show 2016 ― Lead Designer
Society for Experiential Graphic Design ― Member
AIGA Kansas City ― Member

Dietmar Gotzelmann Workshop (Wayfinding Systems) ― Participant
Eight Hour Day Workshop (Icon Development) ― Participant
KU Design Week 2015 ― Designer
Kiosk 52 ― Designer

Erik Marinovich Workshop (Handlettering) ― Participant
Center for Community Outreach ― Director of Communications
The BIG Event ― Volunteer Designer
KU Design Week 2014 ― Designer

University of Kansas ― Resident Assistant (McCollum Hall)

Student Union Activities ― Culinary Committee Coordinator
Office of First-Year Experience ― Orientation Assistant

Student Union Activities ― Member
Office of First-Year Experience ― Orientation Assistant

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 "I mean, time for me, I can make it go slow or fast, however I please, and that's how I know it doesn't exist."




Patrick Blanchard is a recent graduate with a BFA in Design, currently living in Lawrence, Kansas, and interning with HOK's Kansas City-based experiential graphics team. He is now seeking other full-time opportunities across the country.